Essay on A Good Customer Service Is A Critical Component Of A Quality Product

Essay on A Good Customer Service Is A Critical Component Of A Quality Product

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a) Good customer service is a critical component of a quality product. Collier (2011) states that service needs to be consistent, continuous, thoughtful and available. These are crucial in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Collier also continues on to state that staff providing customer service must have appropriate skills, knowledge and personal attributes to execute a high standard of service. These skills have been identified by Collier as listening skills, punctuality, courtesy, integrity and grooming. The skills and qualities identified are reflected by the five key components of customer service tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. The five components have been provided by the SERVQUAL service measuring system which was developed by Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Berry (1988).

b) There are five key components of customer service. These components contribute significantly to the provision of a quality experience. One of the components is tangibles, it relates directly with what customers can see and touch. There are certain expectations of the tangible component. These include the uniform and grooming standards of staff, that they are clean, tidy and complete. The equipment and tools that customers will use, that they are safe and well maintained. Any printed and visual material that customers see are easy to access and understand. And the facilities provided are clean, attractive and easy to find. This component is an important aspect to the customer as it is the first visual and physical experience of the company. It will have a lasting impact on customers.
The second component is reliability, it relates to products and services being available to customers any time they want to use it. This i...

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...beverage rated a low 7.1 out of ten, with price accounting for 30% importance in the food and beverage experience. The accommodation sector has rated 8.3 out of ten which is down from previous years. Once again the quality and service of this sector rated high but it was the price of accommodation rating low at 7.8 out of ten, letting this sector down. Safety with activities rated 8.7 out of ten staying consistent with previous years however, it was road safety that concerned international visitors the most. With continued high and consistent rating of the New Zealand holiday experience it is proven that New Zealand are able to deliver on meeting and exceeding customer service expectations. This information was sourced from and the VEM Summary 2011-2012 Powerpoint.

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