A Good Cafe On The Place St. -michel Essay

A Good Cafe On The Place St. -michel Essay

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“A Good Café on the Place St.-Michel”

When winter came to Paris, the weather was so bad that to warm up the room where the narrator worked was considerably expensive. One rainy day, Hemingway went to a nice café on St.-Michel. While sitting in a warm café and writing a story, the author spotted and enjoyed watching a beautiful girl sitting at a table by the window. Completely immersed in his writing, he didn’t even notice when and with whom she left. When he finished his work, he ordered some food and drinks, leaving the thoughts about the writing for tomorrow. After a productive day at the café, he went home and offered his wife to leave Paris to go to mountains. She supported his idea.

“Miss Stein Instructs”

After coming back to Paris from the mountains, Hemingway payed frequent visits to his new acquaintance, a fellow writer and art collector, Miss Gertrude Stein. He enjoyed her company and the talks they have had: They discussed their own writing and the writings of other contemporary authors, paintings, and artists. During one of the visits to Stein’s studio, they have talked about homosexuality: Miss Stein made a clear distinction between men’s and women’s homosexuality and claimed that women are happy in homosexual relationships while homosexual men cannot find happiness in their sentimental life.

“Une Génération Perdue”

Though Miss Stein preferred discussing funny stories from Hemingway’s travels, the writer mainly wanted to discuss books and literature to keep his mind off of his current writing. Once, Miss Stein told him that he and everyone who served in the war were a lost generation. When Hemingway tried to show her how inconsistent such an assumption was, she denied him the opportunity to express his opinion. L...

... middle of paper ...

...ing problem. However, when the author read Scott’s latest novel, The Great Gatsby, he realized that, no matter how strange Fitzgerald behaved, he was in need of good friends who would stand by his side because he was a truly talented writer.

“There is Never Any End to Paris”

The Hemingways spent another winter in mountains, for Paris was impossibly cold during winter time. They enjoyed their time out of town: They took skiing lessons, read books they have rented from Sylvia, played poker. Also, the writer had a productive period, working on new stories and a novel. The coming of the rich changed everything: Hemingway cheated on his wife with a rich lady. He hoped that this was a one-time thing, and it would not affect his relationship with Hadley. However, once they returned to Paris, the affair continued which later destroyed the harmonious life of the Hemingways.

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