A Goal And Eventual Outcome For All Nursing Students Essay

A Goal And Eventual Outcome For All Nursing Students Essay

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A goal and eventual outcome for all nursing students at the University of Portland is for each graduate to become a spiritual carer. This means that each nursing student will promote the spiritual dimension of health towards issues of meaning, hope, and faith when they graduate and embark on their nursing career. It is said that every nurse must understand themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically in order to understand and provide the best holistic nursing care for their patients. Freshman nursing student, Sarah Mead-Smith, understands this concept of evaluating her own spirituality. As a result, this paper assesses Sarah’s spirituality, the impact her spirituality has on her health, and evaluates her understanding of how her spirituality will influence the nursing care of her future patients.
What exactly doing spirituality mean? An individual’s spirituality centers around the answers to three questions: where does one find meaning, how does one feel connected, and how one should live their life. These three questions point out three specific words, which are strength, peace, and security. Sarah assessed her own spirituality using the above three questions and key words.
Some of Sarah’s strengths are being an achiever, consistent, disciplined, focused, and a learner. Sarah uses all of her strengths when she sets, accomplishes goals and daily tasks in her life. These goals can be short-term or long-term, simple or complex. After setting a goal, Sarah is very focused to accomplish it and makes a plan in order to do so successfully. This plan helps her stay consistent, disciplined, and remain focused on the end goal. Whenever one tries something new, they are learning something new as well. As a learner, Sarah, is always ...

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...erstands that it is different for every person, she will apply this when caring for her patients and cater to every need of theirs that she can. She knows that an individual’s spirituality does impact their health and their way of life, so as a result, she will apply their spirituality and way of life when making their individual plan regarding their health care.
In conclusion, a nurse must understand his or her own spirituality to help and provide the best care they can for their patients. As a freshman nursing student, Sarah has assessed her spirituality, evaluated how it will impact her health, and described how her understanding of her own spirituality will influence the nursing care of her future patients. Her knowledge of her own spirituality will make Sarah a better nurse as a caregiver and advocate for her patients’ mental, spiritual, and physical health.

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