A Global Village It Has Become A Reality Essay

A Global Village It Has Become A Reality Essay

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As citizens of the world, we have a responsibility to help each other and those in need: “When one considers our world from such an incredibly compressed perspective, the need for cooperation, tolerance and understanding becomes glaringly apparent” (Global Village, Nations Online, n.d.). Individuals can no longer use ignorance as the excuse to not help the less fortunate people in the world. With the global connectedness, no longer can you ignore the pain that exists outside of your comfort zones (Dixon, 2009): “ Approximately twelve percent of Americans are living in poverty, defined by the 2006 census as living below the poverty line of twenty thousand dollars for a family of four” (Census,Dixon, 2009).
Coming to terms with the sufferings in the world is a frightening and daunting task, but through the creation of a global village it has become a reality. As an example of the increasing need for togetherness and synergy, there are many statistics out there on global armed conflicts:
There were twenty nine armed conflicts in twenty six countries in 2014, one more than in 2013. As in the previous year, most conflicts took place in Africa, and the fewest in the Americas (see Appendix A). Syria was the deadliest armed conflict in 2014, as in 2013. According to the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights, over seventy six thousand people were killed, about eighteen thousand of them were civilians. The United Nations estimated that approximately eight million Syrians were internally displaced and that twelve million required humanitarian assistance. As of the third of September, 2014, more than three million Syrians had registered or were pending registration as refugees with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Lebanon, J...

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...he Earth changes with the times we must adapt as well.

But the Internet will have by far the greatest impact in fostering a global world. Of course this impact is due to the explosive growth in Internet usage around the world, but a key factor in this regard is the peculiar nature of the Internet at a medium.





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