A Girl Who Doesn 't Always Play Fair Essays

A Girl Who Doesn 't Always Play Fair Essays

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Lucy is a girl who doesn’t always play fair. She may show you your dreams or maybe your fears. She can show you love and happiness. She has just enough power to take it all away. She took me for a ride and showed me things I had yet to see before. She was a contortionist. Not of the body but of the mind. She made me feel like I was fighting a losing battle in which she was the enemy and yet the only person holding me back was myself. When Lucy gets in your head there is no way to get her out so you might as well get comfy and enjoy the trip.
The walls surrounding me began to expand and contract, in sync with my breathing. I hear my heart beat like a soothing metronome “bum bum…bum bum”. I close my eyes and I am in space, surrounded by darkness. Little specks of light burst through the dark canvas. I keep repeating “I want to know more” inside my head as I begin to speed through the vast, open beauty of space. I was no longer in my body. I am just a mere orb of light phasing through space at a ludicrous speed. My eyes snapped open as my friend calls my name, breaking my concentratio...

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