A Girl Is Born With The Burden Of Being Essays

A Girl Is Born With The Burden Of Being Essays

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Throughout history when a girl is born, it wasn’t received as a blessing. Many cultures see this as a curse. A girl’s anatomy seemed to be her destiny as Freud once said. A girl is born with the burden of being simply a woman. Betty Friedan experienced being a woman in the middle class suburbs of America. And although it did not discuss the struggles of all women, it did give us a glimpse of a particular group of women and their struggles as housewives and mothers. In the book, Friedan describes the injustices women faced when they were forced to go back home after the war. The short lived freedom of being able to achieve a college education and put it to good use was swept away from them. Forcing them back to their homes and hypnotizing them into thinking that being at home is more fulfilling than working. The Feminine Mystique may not be the same today, countless women of any race, age, and social class will experience some type of sexism and discrimination in their life time.

In addition, individual’s conservative ways are still alive and well today. These views and values are passed down from generation to generation, until someone decides to break away from those traditional values. We see and experience types of sexism and racism in all aspects of life. Some women experience it at home by their husbands, at work with their co-workers, on the streets by strangers, and in institutions that are supposed to help and attend to people. For decades, women have fought for equal rights, to be considered the same, a human being that belongs and wants to contribute to society. To not be told she can’t do specific tasks because she is a woman and doesn’t belong there.

Interestingly, I come to wonder how all of those Queens such as C...

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...avored seemed to be entirely of a piece with her liberal feminism. The non-inclusion of women of color and of lower working classes agree with its goals such as; the right to an abortion and equality in job hiring. However, most women of color dismiss the label of feminism because the movement had largely focused on the concerns of the middle class white women. Attempts to address the racism of the feminist movement have largely been token efforts without lasting effects. Many young women of color still feel alienated from a mainstream feminism that doesn’t explicitly address race (Disch, 639). Feminism in the United States has stagnated in part because it has largely neglected a class and race analysis. Feminism can’t survive by helping certain women climb the corporate latter while ignoring women on welfare. Feminism has to recruit beyond just the college campus.

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