A Genogram for the Alcoholic Richard Doe Essay

A Genogram for the Alcoholic Richard Doe Essay

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Alcoholism is currently the most widespread addiction worldwide, and an occasional consumption of it is seen as an aggravating factor in other psychopathological conditions with high risk for illness, disability and mortality (Onciu, Jordache and Pacala, 2013).
Pacala et al. (2013), indicates that alcoholics tend to lose their ability to exercise self control, thereby increasing their risk for aggressive behavior with the slightest provocation. In addition, alcohol decreases the ability of individuals to function effectively in the cognitive sphere, and as such, in order to reduce alcohol’s impact on the family, effective interventions must be implemented.
Thomlison (2010) explains that the genogram is a pictorial chart of people involved in a three generational relationship system, which displays family history, membership, births, deaths, illnesses and other relevant information. Moreover, Wright and Leahey (as cited in Thomlison, 2010) specifies that the genogram provides four times as much information about social structure, health problems, family history, family structural and relational patterns as interviews.
Family therapy seeks to improve the individual and collective awareness, communication among family members, the functioning of the family and its individual members. It also focuses on developing goals and skills used in social interactions among each participatory family member, not just the identified patient.
This paper seeks to create a genogram, which traces and identifies the pathology of an alcoholic patient namely Richard Doe; in addition, it will provide meaningful family therapies to aid with intervention.

Shalay and Brownlee (2007) explain that the blende...

... middle of paper ...

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