A Genetic Engineering Revolution Essay

A Genetic Engineering Revolution Essay

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Humans and all other living things are always evolving, becoming better, and more advanced. With this progress, the question arises; are we as humans, conscious of this constant changing, doing all we can to bring ourselves to our ever-expanding maximum potential? Genetic engineering is the method with the most growth potential for humans in the twenty-first century. “Genetic engineering is the field of manipulating the DNA of a cell or of an animal in order to alter the genetic information contained within the organism’s genome.”(Anderson) By improving human genetic material humans will have the ability to: eliminate current or future diseases or genetic abnormalities, make the next generation of humans physically stronger, revolutionize law enforcement, and make humans able to change in any needed physical way to adapt to their changing environment.

There are currently many genetically transmitted diseases in the human race such as Angelman syndrome, Canavan disease, Color blindness, Cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Neurofibromatosis, Phenylketonuria, Sickle-cell disease, and Turner syndrome to name a few. Many of these either are caused by mutations of chromosomes and genetic information during meiosis or are dormant traits passed on from generation to generation manifest only in some individuals. With genetic engineering, these problems are not only curable but are preventable on the genetic level. There will be no more worrying about preventing Down syndrome because an extra chromosome will never be transmitted from the parent to the child. Not only will this make humans more favorable, but also less inhibited from performing tasks most humans can perform regularly. Through strategic ...

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