A General Manager For A Bowling Alley Essay

A General Manager For A Bowling Alley Essay

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On May 20, 2014, a general manager for a bowling alley in Moore, Oklahoma was monitoring the weather on his weather radio and was able to hear a warning for a tornado coming towards his location. The manager was able to evacuate his staff just minutes before the deadly tornado ripped through the bowling alley; completely demolishing the entire building. The people in the bowling alley had no cell phone reception or any way to get any outside information and the sirens for the town did not go off. Their only saving grace was the radio. The radio that saved these individuals was the NOAA Weather Radio, shown in Figure 1; this radio detects potential warnings before the tornado sirens go off.
Radios are an integral part of everyday life. They are found in cars and almost every job uses radios. Radios are used to dispatch the police or firemen to your home in the event of an emergency. Radio waves transmit music, conversations, pictures, and data invisibly to the human eye over thousands of miles and in over a thousand different ways. According to Marshall Brian, the author of the article found about radios on “How Stuff Works”, the devices that depend on radio waves are AM and FM radio broadcasts, cordless phones, garage door openers, wireless networks, remote control toys, television broadcasts, cell phones, GPS receivers, ham radios, satellite communications, police radios, wireless clocks, radar, and microwave ovens. Without radios, communication and navigation would be impossible. In modern aviation, an airplane depends on over a dozen different radio systems.
Radios impact the everyday lives of everyone; unless you live under a rock you probably use one of these devices. To better understand radios and how the radio became to ...

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... in order to hit a target. The F-22 Raptor would be rendered useless if there was not any communication provided by radios.
Military leaders in this day and age recognize the importance of being able to communicate effectively and radios have been a part of this since World War One and will continue to play a role in the future. The military employs highly competent technicians in order to ensure that communication does not drop during important times or missions. The communication squadrons in the Air Force work around the clock in order to support the mission and ensure that everyone has the ability to function and communicate in order to complete the mission to fly, fight, and win… in air, space, and cyberspace. Without this support from the communication squadrons the mission would not be able to be completed and thus the statement “no comm; no bombs” comes from.

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