Essay on A Gang 's Code Of Conduct

Essay on A Gang 's Code Of Conduct

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“Live by the streets, die by the streets.” This is a gangster’s code of conduct. Gang members are murdered or savagely beaten for not following this code of conduct. So, what choice does a gang member have: end up in jail or end up dead? Of course, not everyone who goes to jail is a gang member. But, the majority of those in jail grew up suffering the same hardships. So, what type of hardships normally breed criminals? According to the Bureau of Census, the majority of jail inmates are one or more of the following: male, Caucasian or African American, under 35 years old, and/or lower class (Clear, 2015, p. 165-166). This mix of socioeconomic status, environment, and race are usually found within certain neighborhoods across the United States. These neighborhoods suffer from social disorganization. Social disorganization is when members of a neighborhood, or community, find it impossible to solve the community problems at hand (Chambers, 2000). Factors within these communities become a cycle that becomes increasingly more difficult to break. Factors, such as low socioeconomic status, residential mobility, and heterogeneity, in addition to the social disorganization, produce criminals.
Low socioeconomic status means that the community, or individual, does not have enough resources to strive. Not having enough resources leads to higher crime rates (Groves, 1989, p. 780). As socioeconomic status increases, community involvement increases; therefore, low-socioeconomic neighborhoods have less organization and social interaction (Groves, 1989, p. 780). This lack of social interaction leads to social disorganization. Another factor that leads to social disorganization is residential mobility. Residential mobility is how often people move...

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...while receiving proper treatment, training, or education, will improve the community by increasing social organization. The goal is to improve the community. Intermediate sanctions, such as community service, will slowly, but surely, improve the three factors that lead to social disorganization: low socioeconomic status, high residential mobility, and heterogeneity. Socioeconomic status will be improved by helping the community to get the resources it needs through community service projects and education and treatment programs. After the community has the resources it needs to strive, residential mobility will change to residential stability, because community members will have a reason to stay. Heterogeneity will not be a problem once the community sets common goals and achieves them together. So, communities should strive for social organization and rehabilitation.

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