Essay on A Game Changer: Lowell Weicker, Jr.

Essay on A Game Changer: Lowell Weicker, Jr.

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A Game Changer
When Lowell Weicker, Jr. took office, doing the “right thing” was the way he planned to navigate his political career. Many politicians, even to this day, lose sight of doing what is right, as what is right may not be what is always politically popular. But for Weicker, doing the “right thing” was the only way. Weicker was a man of honor, an advocator for human rights, an 18-year Congressman/Senator for the United States, and a four-year governor for the State of Connecticut. During his tenure in office, he fought for doing the “right thing”, even if it challenged his political appeal. During his journey throughout the White House and the state capital building, and for that matter any political stop in between, the public might not have always believed in Weicker’s political stance, but he knew his agenda would benefit the majority in the long run. Weicker was a man of principle who fought for what was right, in an arena where many others fight for what favors re-election. Weicker was an unorthodox man, an independent minded person, a man who, when in office, sought for the betterment of Connecticut and for the betterment of the US. He was a man who often was viewed as rebellious, or potentially disruptive to policies and/or ideas, in order to push his political agenda. Weicker was a game changer. Weicker was a maverick.
Weicker was raised in a highly educated, prominent family. He was the first of four children born to intelligent, powerful parents named Mary Hastings Weicker, and Lowell Palmer Weicker Sr., in Paris, France on May 6, 1931. His mother, Mary, was “a daughter of an English general and niece of an archbishop of Canterbury” (Weicker and Sussman 122). Weicker’s father was powerful and influential, du...

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.... And who knows, without Lowell Weicker, what would life be to this day?

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