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T.C. Boyle’s A friend of the Earth is a creative novel that explores the importance of life preservation, love, and family. The story is centered around the main character Tyrone Tierwater and his journey through life alternating from present to past events. Aside from Tierwaters radical activism he also played a role as a loving father to his daughter Sierra Tierwater who lost her life standing up for nature conservation. From an outsider 's perspective Ty and Sierras relationship could seem brittle and unstable, but in truth these two characters share a bond so strong that no matter what comes between them they can 't be broken. Sierra and Tys connection thrives after he marries his second wife Andrea Cotton who is the beautiful spokeswoman for the group Earth Forever! In such an astonishing way Ty and Sierra become people that they never saw themselves to be, advocates of biocentrism.
Ty’s first wife Jane Tierwater lost her life to a tragic nature related accident leaving him alone to raise their three year old daughter Sierra Tierwater. Still in mourning from the loss of his wife he had to hold himself together to be the best father he could be for his little girl. No parents are prepared for dealing with the aftermath of the loss of a partner, regardless of the cause. Single parenting is hard, but single fathering often can be much more challenging. Men usually aren 't raised to be nurturing or empathetic, young boys growing up aren 't toting around their little baby dolls or being the ones called to babysit the neighbor 's kids next door. With that being said Ty Tierwater faced many obstacles while raising his daughter, they didn 't always get along and there were times they would disagree. One of these times was when Sierr...

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... his daughter had become, she lived and served for protecting the earth. Sierra spent her last years standing up for what she believed in and died preserving it. The primary goal as a parent is to see that your child lives a happy life and even though Sierra retired this life early through a tragic accident it is very present that she lived a joy fulfilling life.
A Friend of the Earth by T.C. Boyle explores many aspects of life from tragedy to joyous moments. The main idea of the novel is to bring awareness to the extremity of global warming, but between the lines it is really telling the story of a father and daughter 's journey through life. T.C. Boyle brings attention to the everyday parent child relationship obstacles that every family experiences. Even when Sierras life has ended Ty Tierwater does not stop loving her and continues living his life in honor of her.

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