A Freshman Year English Teacher At A Long Beach High School Essay

A Freshman Year English Teacher At A Long Beach High School Essay

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This movie revolves around the life of a freshman year English teacher, Mr. Gruwell, who is given her first opportunity to teach at a Long Beach High School, after voluntary integration. Her classroom has a racially diversified group of individuals, but with a similar socio-economic and cultural back ground. The African American, Cambodian, Hispanic and White students are all exposed to the same crime riddled streets of Long Beach where crime and murder is the norm.
Mrs. Gruwell, eager as can be is ready to teach her students as she has been thought in school and by the book, she is ready with her lesson plan and ready to teach a uniform plan so her students can learn. Mrs. Gruwell is given a quick wake up call a minute into her first class when she is able to see the diversity, how divided the students are, but more importantly the anger they have against one another.
Mrs. Gruwell’s “holocaust” speech marked the tipping point of where the students were able to relate to her, and she was able to improvise and relate to what the students knew. The students at first were very defensive and felt they could not relate to their teacher and they could not respect their teacher because she was not aware what each student had to deal with. The “question-line” game without the students realizing it, brought them together, and made them realize that they could be in close proximity to each other without conflict. Mrs. Gruwell further wanted to communicate and forge a bond with her students and offered a journal for students to write about feelings and emotions, their day, whatever it was, and at their choice Mrs. Gruwell could read them.
Mrs. Gruwell further though that taking the students out of the harmful environment would prom...

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... by having her students write in the journals. Also she was able to identify the racial divide among the students and improvise to bring the student together by realizing how to communicate in a way that the teacher and the student can relate. Finally she was able to navigate through all the obstacles and impediments, whether they seemed unattainable like bringing in the lady from Europe or allowing her to teach her student until graduation, she was able to persevere and find a way around or over the obstacles.
In conclusion, it is my observation that Ms. Gruwell in the movie Freedom Writers utilizes some of the methods and techniques outlined in our textbook. But as the textbook is quick to state, there is no exact science to teaching and everybody has their own method and ways of facing the many problems that can be seen every day with a variety of students.

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