A Foreigner 's View Of China Essay

A Foreigner 's View Of China Essay

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A foreigner’s view of China

The Chinese are an extremely clever people and unlike the old USSR, saw that communism failed everywhere it was tried. They therefore changed their economy to a capitalist one, but kept the communist party leadership. Those who think a revolution is in the offing fail to realize that just about every person in China might not love the system they live under, but would fight to the death to defend it. No anti-war protests, they’d lose 500 million and not even blink – and if it ever comes to it, they would.

The social system

How do you maintain such a system? Here lies the clue to China’s success. Unlike the centralized Soviet system, China spreads power to the individual. There is a system of ‘leaders’, each person has responsibility in their own sphere and each has a leader above them.

An example: The man who sweeps the street might be an illiterate peasant, but he can tell the most powerful man where to park his car on his ‘patch’. He is the ‘leader’ of his allotted part of the street. He will not be able to tell you where to catch the number 21 bus...

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