A Fishing Trip At Remember Essay

A Fishing Trip At Remember Essay

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A Fishing Trip to Remember

It was June 6th, 2013. Our family set off for a fishing trip in the crystal blue waters of the South Miami Sea. We had heard reports of a hurricane coming in from the north, but dad decided they were just rumors; who could blame him? The sky was as clear as could be and not a single cloud to be seen. A gentle, cool breeze blew in from the south blowing my hair over my eyes. My little brother Adrian swiped my hair back behind my ears; “
”There you go sis.” he said. Adrian is the best little brother a big sister could ask for. I never really understood the concept of sibling fights, because we both have always naturally gotten along. Mom was lying down in the back of the boat sun tanning. “Alyssa, could you get me a peach from the fridge?” she said not even bothering to look at me. My mother and I have never really been close; I’ve always been a daddy’s girl for as long as I can remember. I said “sure” and I walked down to the lower deck of our fishing boat and grabbed a peach from the miniature refrigerator in the corner. I walked back up the stairs and out the hatch into the blazing Miami sun. As I went to deliver the peach to mom, I tripped over a fishing rod that my brother had left out and I landed right on my face. “Who put that there!” I shouted as I rubbed my cheek in agony. Adrian popped his head up “I did, I’m sorry Aly I didn’t mean to make you fall.” He came over and gave me a tight hug at my waist. I can never stay mad at him for longer than ten or fifteen minutes. He’s just about my best friend. I got up and looked for the peach that I was holding. Then I saw it, floating out 15 feet into the ocean. That was our last peach. Sorry mom. BOOM! Out of nowhere thunder crashed around us. The sky...

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...t too, it sounded like an engine. We all turned around and saw a boat headed right for us. We screamed and waved at it. “There’s no way it won’t notice us” I think to myself, it begins to ring its bell signaling that it sees us and that we are saved. The boat pulls up next to ours, a sixty something year old man with as bushy white beard greets us. “I was out here recording the storm, and I was just about to head back to shore when I saw your flare, looks like you folks could use a little help getting back to land” he said with a smile on his face. “That would be great.” Dad said as he shook the man’s hand. “Well alright then, follow me and ill lead you right back to the port.” Adrian and I hugged each other tight, and mom even gave me a hug which came as a huge surprise to say the least. We followed the find man back to shore, and we went home happy and as a family.

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