A First Generation College Student Essay

A First Generation College Student Essay

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A first-generation college student is someone whose folks didn’t attend or graduated from college. Many times, students face this reality and have no one to rely on. Some of the challenges this students face are unique psychological challenges. Although there is upportive staff in college, one of the most important roles of a family is support. Their family may see their entry to college as an insult or misunderstood their reason for wanting to have a major. In families, role are assign to each member such as working, cleaning or taking care of others. When one of the family members decides to interference with this system to attend to college, this one leading the student to a loss of personality.
Many students experience this change and are not prepared and tempt to have two identities, one from the home and another for college. About 20 % of the population in the United States are first-generation students. Which bring unique challenges that have to be faced in their daily life for example having to work a part time job and attending to college at the same time. Most students hav...

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