A Few Trends That Business Management And / Or Leadership Are Seeing Today

A Few Trends That Business Management And / Or Leadership Are Seeing Today

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Here are a few trends that business management and/or leadership are seeing today…
Globalization- (The Five Most Prominent Management Tends of the 21st Century, 2011)
Globalization provides many with the ability to sustain and regenerate wealth to the nations of the world that can participate in the global trade market. One of the downsides to this is for those countries that cannot participate in global trade, and are left behind. Another downside is in the countries that can participate, but only at great cost to the individuals that fall victim to a broken system. If their country doesn’t employ sound ethics, they may produce a good for export in world trade at the cost of quality human life. The paradox is that with technology, globalization has been a next step in trade. It is also a more efficient way of trade that benefits many countries, including most of the world’s economy by creating jobs, setting the bar higher for more diverse work staff, and the ability to take advantage of each other’s exports such as food and technology which enriches many lives. It is really a catch 22. We are unable to take advantage of the benefits without the cost of the risks and suffering that it causes for some. I am becoming more convinced that we have an obligation to at least educate ourselves on the products we buy. Educating ourselves on which companies we purchase from. I realize that there is no perfect scenario really. However, as stated in the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, “Awareness, as provided by initiatives such as the Cocoa Protocol, can instigate change – but many more industries and governments need to join efforts to end the exploitation of Africa’s children.” (History of Globalization, 2007)

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...tomers in a way to make the work place a more positive and effective engine generating a wider range of communication and profitability.
Business Ecosystems - (The Five Most Prominent Management Tends of the 21st Century, 2011)
[Ecosystems are]…” defined as groups of firms which together provide complex products and related services to meet end-to- end requirements of users across the value chain. (The Five Most Prominent Management Tends of the 21st Century, 2011.) This reminds me of the companies of Disney and Pixar. I am not 100% sure this would be considered a true business ecosystem as Disney owns Pixar, but the two different segments of Disney work on different aspects within the same field- entertainment. “One thing I don’t believe in is the notion of a perfect process. Our goal isn’t to prevent all the problems; our goal is making good movies.” (Price, 2014)

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