Essay on A Few Keys For All Success By Jim Muncy

Essay on A Few Keys For All Success By Jim Muncy

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A Few Keys to All Success by Jim Muncy, published in 2002 explains that there are 7 universal keys to success that we can relate to everyday life. Discernment, Optimism, Responsibility, Initiative, Perseverance, Purpose, Sacrifice. Each one represents how we grow and teaches us how to have a high quality of life. From reading this book I am confident because I know being normal means being average and what we do can change how we act significantly. Also we can’t let the world hold us back from greatness. There will be negativity, there will be those who lack enthusiasm but you can’t let them interfere in what you have in store. And these keys will help you get to that point in your life. Discernment; Judge the seed by the harvest. The first key to success comes from how we reason. Everything we have in life comes from what we ensure and everything we do comes from what we think. Jim Muncy talks about a farmer and his seeds. The seeds in our life are our feelings or judgement. A good farmer has to choose the right seed in order to have good crops. So therefore we have to make the rig...

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