A Fault Of Globalization And Its Effects On Our Lives, Culture, And Land Being Turned Around

A Fault Of Globalization And Its Effects On Our Lives, Culture, And Land Being Turned Around

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A Fault in Globalization

As American’s we take for granted the right of being recognized and the right to ownership. In the Amazon there 663 people who are not recognized in their country and have little rights when it comes to ownership. To further this, the Kayapo have rights and own their land, but this is not respected. The Kayapo people are having to face the change of their lives, culture, and land being turned around. The Kayapo are a group of indigenous people who live in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. There are approximately 8,600 Kaypo people (Versqijver 2002). There are 44 Kayapo villages linked only by rivers and all-but-invisible trails (Brown 2014). The Kayapo’s villages are located in the states of Para and Mato Grosso. “The Kayapo produce their means of subsistence by a combination of slash-and-burn horticulture, hunting, fishing, and foraging” (Callan 2013). The Kayapo live in huts and they are all formed into a circle. In the middle is a hut used for men to meet and discuss the politics of the people, it is known as the ngobe (Brown 2014). A Kayapo woman’s duties are to housework and to gather fruits. The men take care of the hunting and fishing. The village is split into communities and each one has a chief. In order to become a chief, you must have followed another chief and spent your time learning from him. The Kayapo people are very unique in how they live their lives and express their culture. The people dress in colorful glass beads and “wear body paint made from fruits, nuts, and charcoal,” according to Brown (2014). The Kayapo people follow many different rituals, including “piercing infants’ earlobes as a way of symbolically expanding a baby’s capacity to understand language and the social dimension ...

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The Kayapo are fighting to hold on to their culture and their beliefs. In America, we would not dare force a new religion or lifestyle upon someone else. “The proposals of indigenous communities to integrate their social, political, cultural and economic rights and their aspirations into future development strategies must be considered so that the challenges they are facing are fully addressed, respect for their rights and cultures is ensured, and their survival and well-being is protected” (United Nations Development Group 2009). As the rainforest that they not only live in, but live from, is being torn down their way of life is also being destructed. We need to do what we can to support these people who live such a pure way of life. Although we do not notice it as affecting us much, it is causing great damage to others and to a beautiful part of the world.

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