A Fast Food Worker Essay

A Fast Food Worker Essay

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The lady/ who took my order/ was your stereotypical fast food worker/ in the sense that she got my order wrong.
I wanted a shake/ with my number ten Cowboy burger/ but no matter. The burger was dry/ and sub par/ unlike the rest of the spangles environment which took me back to what I imagine the sixties to be, a simpler time with milkshakes in glass glasses and Elvis tearing up the jukebox.
My tongue/ rolled over/ the shape and texture/ of the burger /comparing it/ to the unsavory “all beef patty” used at McDonalds
My dry onion rings that topped my burger left a thirst in my mouth that only my medium birsk tea could fill/

The announcer 's words/ could be likened to that of Jesus/ saying let all the little children come unto me
The mention/ of the water truck/ brought all manner/ and class/ of children scampering/ to the fence
One boy/ even began/ to climb it, as the fountain/ of flowing water/ passed over them/ they emerged reinvigorated for the cold steaming water that rushed over them and awoken something primal inside of them.
The kids/ were /of all levels/ of race fans/ some came /for the cars/ others were dragged by their parents/ but they all found/ their common identity/ in the water

The air stank/ of beer/ and cigarette smoke.
I was positive,/ that if I got pulled over on my way home/ I would blow over the legal limit, having /just inhaled/ what I needed to breathe./
Breathing was no small task for an asthmatic like me on that dusty night. Every wheeze sounded like the final squak a chicken made once its head had been severed from its feathered body.
My tongue had swollen within my mouth and gotten crusty./ There was now a dry valley/ around every taste bud / and it so desperately/ craved to be quenched.
Quenched, no...

... middle of paper ...

... which cut through the darkness like a knife through butter.
This darkness seeped into me and on my way home I became drowsy. This drowsiness was heavy and weighed me down as if I had been the one that had lost their father on this calignous night.
I felt like the knife that I had first used to cut the darkness had now been turned on me and stabbed its rusty blade into my eye forcing my eyelid to close.
To circumvent this I blasted my music as loud as I could just so I could stay awake long enough to make it home safely.
The constant boom of my subs rammed a nail into my ear and with each consecutive wub the nail was beat deeper and deeper into my cranium.
My ears began to fill with blood, this was my lifeblood that would drain out of me if I didn 't return home safely. That was the blood a twelve year old girl had seen her father immersed in only hours before.

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