A Fanfiction I Made Essay examples

A Fanfiction I Made Essay examples

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For the first time in my life I feel scares.

Never before this glorious Gipsy Danger would be scares of anything but right now, I can feel it slowly overwhelms my fake bravery façade when the sea explode and Knifehead rams into me.

I was surprise and so do the Beckets.

Yancy then control me to grab the Kaiju’s neck while Raleigh ‘tends to deploy the Plasmacaster on my left arm, the sea rolls, forms several large waves as me and Knifehead starts a scrimmage.

I wine: “It’s too strong!”

“Hold on girl, just a few seconds left…” Raleigh said desperately.

The Kaiju finally breaks out of my grip and bites my left arm. I roar in pain, the pain was intense and hard like someone just pours the mixture of acid and lava onto my left arm. I punch the Kaiju several times but it didn’t seems to understand my message, then after five seconds, it pierce through my arm and severe it out of my body. Raleigh, Yancy and I cry out.

I’m too hurt to do anything now, knowing that I’m going to die. I just froze and water starts to fills my system, it’s… cold. This is what humans called dead? The end of a life?

I can feel their pain and fears just like they feel mine.

Yancy turns around to see his brother: “Raleigh, listen to me, you need to…”

Right at that time, Knifehead slams it oversize head at me and tears away half of my face, I can see Yancy falls down the water below and disappear in a splash, I lost neural connect with him. Anger, guilty and sadness start to surges in me.

“No!” Raleigh yells and I can see him stares at the hole on the conn-pod, rain water streams down from my visor like I was crying. If I was human, I’d have cry right now.

“Raleigh!” I call for him and he looks forwards, towards the monster that has killed his brother....

... middle of paper ...

...way, towards Crimson and Cherno, the two just got into a brawl.

“Well, nice to meet you Gipsy, hope that we’ll work together in the future. I’ve to return before they send out a search party.” He jokes and I slightly chuckle.

Damn, he’s gorgeous! I admit.

“It’s not going to work comrade.” Cherno deep Russian voice said and I turn around, to meet him and Crimson glare.

“What’s not going to work?” I inquire.

“Several femme Jaegers have flirt him before and all of them leave with a broken heart, he didn’t like any of these Jaegers. I don’t know why he’s like that but maybe he got a history with a girl, he never tells us why.” Crimson told me.

“Why do you think I like him?” I points at where the silver Jaeger have been seconds ago.

“Come on I can sense it,” Cherno laughs.

I sigh and walk away. I’m going to find out what his problem is whether he likes it or not.

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