Essay on A Famous Bishop Of Hippo, St. Augustine

Essay on A Famous Bishop Of Hippo, St. Augustine

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A famous bishop of Hippo, St. Augustine, contributes significantly to the foundational establishment and growth of Western Christianity. While Christianity is becoming central to people’s lives, it is also known to be one major cause of the Romans’ downfall. The Romans argue that the God the Christians believe in has failed to uphold the city from falling apart. These background conditions, set up chaotic circumstances that significantly impact his early life. He begins to question everything and recklessly lives a sinful life until one day he encounters Christ. As a person who greatly repents from the world of corruptive morals, Augustine’s worldview is significantly influenced by his discovery about who God is and the redemption He offers. This narrative story of his personal encounter with Christ is written in his autobiographical book of Confession that both summarizes his moral philosophy and creates the foundation to his worldview. His key worldview that is primarily focused on a God-centered life is subsequently elaborated and outlined in the book of Two Cities. This essay will argue about the distinct separations between man and God that he draws out from his personal experience in Confession and concluded from his worldview in Two Cities. In his overarching conclusion, Augustine argues that a God-centered life is adequate to provide man with the necessary nourishment for the soul and ensure his ability to overcome evils that is produced by the fallen world.
First of all, the book of Confession is an autobiographical summary about Augustine’s moral philosophy that he experiences through a series of events – growing up in a Christian family, running away from God, falling into sin, yearning for God’s forgiveness, repenting...

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...that humans are created not to only live temporarily on earth but to enjoy living with God forever in Heaven (Confessions, 27). He wants to emphasize that everything that the people receive in the city of God will last forever and not perish, therefore it is worth the sacrifice.
In conclusion, Augustine’s foundational beliefs can be summarized in his worldview which is rooted in the understanding that God is the Creator, the Perfector of faith, the Redeemer, and most importantly a living Father that is not distant but dwells among each individual of His people. Only through God’s grace and redemption can all good and righteous things prevail. The God-centered life is the only way to provide man with grace that is the necessary nourishment for the soul and redemption that is imperitive to ensuring their ability to overcome evils that are produced by the fallen world.

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