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A Family 's Improbable Situation Essays

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A Family’s Improbable Situation
Procopio is a 22 year old student and has aspirations of becoming a movie director. Procopio graduated from the University of the Philippines in mass communications. Both of his parents are hardworking but not rich. Procopio is an only child and lives with his parents and his grandfather. His father, Arnel is an OCW and makes a decent living as an overseas construction worker. Arnel has been working on and off in the US construction industry for the past ten years. To help support his family, Arnel would send money home every month. Procopio’s mother Daisy, is a short order cook in the Philippines.
Arnel would often communicate with the family thru skype and emails but hasn’t communicated with the family in 3 weeks. Months have passed and Procopio has learned that his father, extended his construction contract without consulting his family. The family soon realized Arnel extended because he has a secret family living in the US. Procopio is now a kuya and has 3 younger half siblings.
The news of Arnel’s second family crushed Procopio and his mom. Daisy was especially devastated because she comes from a traditional family and she now feels unloved by the only person she has ever been with. Like many modern urbanized couples in the Philippines, they started living together at a young age. According to Medina, “cohabitation may be, to some couples a form of trial marriage, while to others, it may be a convenient and practical substitute for marriage.” The couple has been together for over 25 years.
As a child, Daisy had visions of becoming a nurse. Her parents insisted that this was a way to move from the Philippines and was a way to support the f...

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...ocopio might have to find a job to help support his grandfather and his mother. Procopio like his mother Daisy, faces the harsh reality that he might not get the dream job that he always wanted. Procopio might have to give up his plan on becoming a movie director and help support his mother and his grandpa.
Daisy faces a very real possibility of loneliness and depression. Daisy does not have a career and it can be a difficult to find an appropriate mate at her age.
The story of Procopio is interesting to me because this is a story I can relate to. I had an Uncle who had a dual family and I find his actions to be shameful. Ever since my Uncle left for his new family, I have not heard from him. As a Filipino, I was taught the value of family. Regardless of the situation, leaving and deserting your family is like turning your back from where you came from.

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