A Family Of Four Kids Essay

A Family Of Four Kids Essay

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Growing up in a family of four kids, I have always felt compared to my siblings which made me feel intimidated. I was born and raised in Benin, which is located in West Africa. Benin is a francophone country so all the national schools teach in French. My parents decided to enroll us all into a private English school from childhood.During the first few years I did well, but reaching grade 4 I started fluctuating in my classes. Since I was not doing as well as my sibling, who seemed like geniuses to me, I felt intimidated.
My family and I immigrated to the US in 2012 because of my Dad’s job. He was deployed here to work at the United Nations as an attaché of defense. I attended high school here starting from grade 11. My first year was hard for me as I was trying to adjust to the educational system here. US history was the course I had trouble with the most. However, my teacher,Mrs.Altman was so nice to me. She noticed that I was struggling and took her time to explain the material to me. I had to do read a lot more than the other students to catch up and she was very patient with me...

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