A Family Boy Who Loved Holidays Like Christmas Essay

A Family Boy Who Loved Holidays Like Christmas Essay

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Growing up I was always a family boy who loved holidays like Christmas; not only because it was the birth of Jesus Christ, but of course because it meant presents. My parents spoiled me and the fact that my biological parents were separated meant that I had two Christmas’s, so of course I always wanted tons of gifts when that time came around. I would put ridiculously expensive things at the time on my Christmas list like a Play Station 3, an iPhone 3GS, a $200 skateboard, and many other things that I knew my parents couldn 't afford, but somehow managed to appear under the Christmas tree. Every year it was something new, something bigger and better that I just had to have.
My step dad who raised me from the time I was about 4 always wanted me to be happy and to have the things that he didn 't have as a kid. He would often tell me things like, “You know son, my family didn 't have much when we were growing up. We used an extension cord to plug into the neighbor’s house that would plug into a small lamp in our living room.” He only wanted me to realize the importance of being t...

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