A Family As A Communion Of People Working Together Essay example

A Family As A Communion Of People Working Together Essay example

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When looking at a family as a communion of people working together, the next step would be to somewhat dissect a traditional family and look at the parts of it. The head of the family is the parents or the parental figure; whoever is the authority of the family. In the traditional family, the father and the mother have different jobs but come together as one to love and care for the infant. Through the intimacy of the mother and child during pregnancy, the two form a special relationship. The father forms a special relationship as he protects the child, offering him a sense of safety, and acting as one with the mother in caring for the infant. However, because of this close bond between the parents and the infant, this causes a more engaged interaction of the infant than there would be with a stranger.
To support this theory, a group of psychologists tested the interactions of infants with their mothers and with strangers. The observers would watch tapes of infants interacting with their mothers and another tape with strangers, and then they would watch the mother with their infant and a stranger with an infant. The observers would take note of the infant’s gazes, smiles, vocalizations, touch, and fussing. This experiment’s results were as follows: “The period of 2-6 months is a crucial time in the development of mother-infant relations, the time that spans infants’ emergence of social responsiveness to the blossoming of the attachment of relationship...Mother-infant interaction becomes increasingly distinguishable from stranger interaction and more characterized by active dyadic engagement.” Therefore we see that the maternal relationship is significant and is set apart from relationships from a stranger. Because this relationshi...

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...ds instead leaves a gap in the person’s life.
John Paul the Great, during the year of the family, recognized the importance of this communion of people when he claimed, “Among these many paths, the family is the most important.” The family is such a crucial part to infants’ fulfillment of their human nature, their whole purpose of being on this earth, because they are the most dependent on the family at this point in life. Through the duties of the family, and the engaging relationship the family has with the infant, cognition is further developed. It is crucial for the family to understand their duty to the child and fulfilling this duty is what allows for the child to fulfill his own duty to God. As the family is in “communion with one another,” biological or adopted, and the family fulfills its duties, the infant is sure to develop in the ways that God has planned.

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