A Family And International Security Threat Essays

A Family And International Security Threat Essays

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II. A Royal Family in charge.

To what extent the Present of the US should allow his family to be involved in the business of the Presidency of this country? It is easy to argue that the President-elect brings with him a Royal Family. Mr. Trump’s family and its relationship with the Office of the President is unclear. However, it is evident that his children are his closest advisors, entwined with him in politics and in business. Looking at this from the nepotism perspective, What conflicts of interest does the children of the President elect present to the People of this country.

This situation present many conflicts of interest, from potential illegal enrichment to national and international security threat. All of this is already happening. The president as expected to revile his disseverment plan on December 15. It was expected that his three older children will take control of his businesses. Also, his children are expected to be his advisors. This is a clear indication that the conflict of interest still there.

It is important to mention the president of the US can have any individual as his advisor and this individual may not event have to be in the white house payroll. However, president elect Trump and his business relationship with his children present a serious problem to the people of this country.

The anti-nepotism law is clear about preventing public official for giving jobs or political favor to a family member or fiends. This shold apply to Mr. Trump’s children and his son-in-law. But after all, this is not really the problem. The problem here is that the president should have only one job, and that job is to be the President. The same apply to his advisors. The really here is that his children are helpin...

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...nt-elect Trump is first president or president-elect who has spoken to a Taiwanese president since 1979.

This simple telephone conversation in the world of International affairs means more that a congratulatory phone call for another head of states. This is why expert on international affairs deeply concerned. This conversation has many profound political economic implications. The interest of many American, as well as Chinises are risk of a … of international affairs. China’s foreign minister Wang Yi reacted, he said that China will not change the One China policy upheld by the American government for many years,” emphasizing on the long relationship between the US and China.

Without not doubt, one of the most unity and sensationalist, is the president-elect strange admiration for Vladimir Putin, whom for many America he is one of our most infamous adversary.

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