Essay on A Fallen Wom A Broken Woman

Essay on A Fallen Wom A Broken Woman

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A Fallen Woman
During different time of a history women were named and judged by different names, prejudices, norms and principals. Two hundred years ago, any sign of adultery or sexual relationship before or outside of marriage would be considered an act of impudence and cruelly charged by the society. Women’s innocence and sexuality meant for her husband only and must be kept to her marriage entirely. Nowadays, however, marrying, remarrying, having different sexual partners at the same time means nothing to a majority of people. But what if a woman had no choice and was pushed in the situation where she fell in love, trusted a partner with all her heart and then was left to raise her child by herself?
What if there was no love or intimate connection, but rather a cruel rape by the superior?
Who would be wrong, a woman that had no choice and was forced to have sexual relationships that resulted in having a child without marriage or a man who freely walked away and never came back?
During slavery, women had no legal rights to merry, have children and family. Consequently, any sexual relationship that they had was considered normal. Moreover, masters who were concerned that enslaved women is the same as animal or a thing on their plantation, assaulted and abused Afro-American women at any time. Ultimately, the definition of a fallen woman can only apply to white women. In Harriet Jacob’s book Our Nig, Mag Smith, being a white, fallen woman, lost her status in the society and married Jim who was Afro-American to resolve her poverty. Whereas her daughter Frado, being black and having no status in the society, no position in the community, no title, profession or any rights ultimately cannot be defined as fallen women be...

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...Mrs. Bellmont, are represented as selfish, cruel mothers who are far from maternal position. The idea of motherhood is even more intriguing considering it is Wilson 's own maternal responsibilities that compels her to write the text so that her young son may understand. Home" is another important thematic concern throughout the text. Oftentimes in nineteenth-century sentimental novels, home is pictured as a place of security and domestic bliss set apart from the labor-intensive reality of the growing industrial world. For Frado, the Bellmont home is far from perfect. Not only is she physically abused by Mrs. Bellmont and Mary, but she is responsible for a number of chores involving harsh physical labor. Note the ways in which Wilson continually subverts the expected serenity of domestic space in her portrayal of life in the Bellmont household.

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