Essay about A Faithful Of Wife And A Great Mother

Essay about A Faithful Of Wife And A Great Mother

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A Faithful of Wife and a Great Mother “Amanda”
In Williams, Tennessee’s play The Glass Menagerie, Amanda’s image of the southern lady is a very impressive. Facing the cruel reality, she depends on ever memories of the past as a powerful spiritual to look forward to the future, although her glory and beautiful time had become the past, she was the victim of the social change and the Great Depression, but she was a faithful of wife and a great mother’s image cannot be denied.
Amanda was a woman who lives in a world of fantasy and reality. In the past memory and the future of the fantasy made Amanda very strong, but in the face of reality she was fragile. Just like Tom used to explain “I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion”. To Amanda, it was surface of joy and the actual pain. Joy and pain, these two very contradictory feelings coexisted in the life of Amanda. At her memory, Amanda 's life was a beautiful and elegant girl 's life state in the south. This is a state of life, "men", "black maid", "visit", "invitation", "dance", so that is a pattern of life had been tough to destruction, but in Amanda 's life formed eternal spirit mode -- her spirit and soul immersed in the passing away of the good pleasure, and she doesn 't want to see more the reality and the time of change. Regardless of years of change, she permanently is such a girl, so all her actions became habitual eating in front of the memories of the past, keep elegant manners and conversation. Amanda tells her children that "Little sister, I want you to stay fresh and pretty for gentleman callers!" and “Superior things! Things of the mind and the spirit”; the son of tiny action specification, for her daughter 's marriage i...

... middle of paper ... immersed in the memory of the past because these memories can increase her confidence in life. So, is the time of the error or Amanda 's mistake? What are the requirements of the time change? The times have changed, so the girls can change? The times did not provide them with the possibility of change. Women had no job, no power, no man, and then only waiting was despair. The destruction was not just an old age, but the ever lived of all the people in the old age. Their life was denied, and eliminated, destroyed, so in the face of reality, they no way can go.
Amanda 's life is like a beautiful and fragile daffodil, but live in the wrong time, so she really needs us to give sympathy and compassion, although her strong and ignorance indirectly caused her children 's character tragedy, but we have to admit that she is a faithful wife and a great mother.

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