Essay on A Fairy Tale: Princess Caroline

Essay on A Fairy Tale: Princess Caroline

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Caroline. She had blonde, wavy hair that stopped just below her shoulders, blue eyes, and a natural blush that lightened up her whole face. However, Caroline was not just a princess, but also a witch. She came from a strong and powerful witch line named the Shapiro witches. Caroline’s mother, Rebekah, was the queen of Lokiville and was a witch, unlike King Stefan. When Caroline turned thirteen, she started to gain her powers. Queen Rebekah helped control her powers and showed her a few easy spells from her Grimoire (a book of spells that witches use). As the years went by Caroline was almost as strong as her mother and could do difficult spells.
One day, the king and queen went on a trip to another kingdom when Caroline was eighteen. On their way to the kingdom their carriage was stopped. The king and queen heard screams and were frightened. Stefan stepped out and said “Stay here, I will come back. Use your magic if necessary.” Stefan looked around and saw blood splattered on the floor. As he turned around to go back to the queen, a figure appeared with veins around his face and sharp teeth, and bit the king on his neck until he sucked him dry of blood. Rebekah heard Stefan scream and ran out of the carriage. She saw her husband being killed and began chanting in Latin until the figure fell to the floor in pain. She ran to Stefan but it was too late, he was dead. The queen sobbed next to her husband, when she was suddenly grabbed by the neck and also sucked on until dry.
The next day, news arrived to Lokiville that the king and queen were dead. Caroline could not handle the news and ran to the woods where her hiding spot behind the waterfall waited for her. When she arrived t...

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...spell from her Grimoire. “Are you ready?” She turned and saw Klaus standing there with a glass full of his blood. “Yes.” The first step in becoming immortal was to drink a vampire’s blood. She chugged down the blood and tried not to barf it out. The second step was to die. They both decided that the fastest, painless death was to crack her neck. Klaus wrapped his hands around her neck and twisted it. She then fell to the floor dead. Klaus waited about half an hour until she opened her eyes and gasped for air. The third and last step of transitioning was to drink human blood whom Damon had agreed to be the donor of. When Caroline drank the blood, veins started to show on her face, her fangs grew and she felt her feelings for everything intensify. She put on the ring, and then they both left to travel the world and love each other for the rest of their immortal lives.

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