A Fair Portrayal Of People With Disabilities Essay

A Fair Portrayal Of People With Disabilities Essay

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Often times people with disabilities have abilities that go unrecognized because their disabilities are at the forefront at the cost of their individuality. Imagine not seeing people like yourself exemplified in the media. Furthermore, when you are finally represented it is in an undesirable light were the disabilities are emphasized not individuality of a person similar to you. Moreover, people with disability have a history of being concealed away in mental institutions and attics. Consequently, when they are not represented properly in the media they are continually being isolated from society. Shamefully since people with disabilities have a great deal to offer society and their stories need to be shared. All in all, I believe that research will show there is much to be desired in terms of a fair portrayal of people with disabilities in the media.
Correspondingly, it is vital that stories about people with disabilities are told in a positive way where their abilities are stressed more than their disabilities. Unfortunately, that is not always the case when stories are told in the popular press. So much so that many organizations publish guidelines outlining appropriate ways to write about people living with disabilities. One such organization is The National Center on Disability and Journalism (NCDJ) their guide outlines language for journalist to use when writing about people with a disability. In fact, NCDJ (2015) recommend to refrain from labeling a person as handicapped unless it is vital to the story. Furthermore, to avoid using handicap and handicapped when describing a person. Instead, refer to the person’s exact disorder. (Axel, et al., 2015). All in all, portraying them as individuals and not just a person with a di...

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...e articles are a great example of authors portraying a person with a disability as an individual and not as handicapped. Unfortunately they are the exception to the norm.
In short, I believe that a majority of the time in the media, people disabilities is stressed more than their abilities. Often time they are portrayed as handicapped and a nuisance to other people. Additionally, it is uncommon to find a genuine human interests piece about a person with a disability talents and accomplishments. However, organizations like the NCDJ strive to change how journalist portrays people with disabilities. Moreover, it is imperative that people with disabilities are represented in the media as individuals and not hidden away any longer. All in all, I believe the research showed there is much to be desired in terms of a fair portrayal of people with disabilities in the media.

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