A Fair Evaluation Of Jones Inc. Essay

A Fair Evaluation Of Jones Inc. Essay

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To give a fair evaluation of Jones Inc. it is crucial to an investor to know what industry it belongs to and be able to evaluate more competitors. With that being said, Jones looks like an investment that investors might want watch for a year or so. While their financial position is not readily declining, there have been a few situations that may not be currently ideal for an investor. Looking through the main types of ratios, there are a few positives and concerns that need to be noted in the analysis of Jones Inc. For many ratios, including the quick ratio and current ratio, there has been a decline in 2014 alone. As an investor this would be a good sign to wait until another set of financial statements are available. While many of these declines are slight, it may be any indication of trouble for Jones Inc. Moving into turnover ratios, many of these are low. It is safe to say that these are in line with industry norms because a competitor’s rate is low, as well. A low turnover rate, combined with a decline in turnover would lead an investor to hold off on investing until more information is available. Profitability ratios are some of the most important ratios for an investor. Not only did Basic Earning Power decrease, but Return on Common Equity decreased for Jones Inc., while the competitors ratio increased. It is a major concern for investors since they want to see a company using investor funds wisely. A clear positive for Jones Inc. is their decrease in financial leverage. Their debt ratio is significantly lower than their competitors, making them a less risky investment. Often times, investors consider Earnings per Share to be the most important factor in a financial analysis. In this regard, Jones Inc. is a very good in...

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...014, making the market to book ratio is 3.3321. In 2013, the market value was 42.82 while book value was 9.38, meaning that the Market to book ratio is 4.5632. Compared to each other, they have moved together decently. Over the past seven years the market to book ratio has been increasing mildly until 2014. When looking at a competitor’s ratio, the fluctuations are almost always the same, but Jones Inc.’s market to book ratio is constantly higher. This means investors see more growth potential for Jones Inc. than its competitor. It is a good sign that book value is lower than market value because it means the market is willing to pay more for the stock than it is actually worth according to book value during that year. This is a good indicator that the market sees worth in the company more than just its assets. For an investor, this shows the market expects growth.

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