A Facebook Emotion Study, Kramer, Guillory & Hancock ( 2014 ) Essay examples

A Facebook Emotion Study, Kramer, Guillory & Hancock ( 2014 ) Essay examples

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In a Facebook emotion study, Kramer, Guillory & Hancock (2014), published a study that people altered their emotions based upon the presence, or absence, of other people’s good or bad moods on their own Facebook status updates. This is known as an “emotional contagion,” based on Kramer et al., and that the words that we see from our friends status update on Facebook does, in fact, affected our own mood as well. One criteria of the experiment was that the people involved should be English speaking. The experiment began with two similar test that was conducted for positive and negative emotions. One test reduced the friend’s positive and good feeling News Feed, while the other reduced the more negative feeling and emotional News Feed. “Based on the User ID, when a person loaded their own News Feed, the posts that contained emotional content of the relevant emotional valence, each emotional post had between a 10% and 90% chance of being omitted from their News Feed for that specific viewing”, (Kramer, Guillory & Hancock, 2014). An automated tool, known as Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count Application (LIWC), was used to analysis the language on 689,003 Facebook updates from 155,00 participants.
Some would suggest that during this entire experiment the researchers never actually measured anyone’s mood, according to author, researcher and an expert in mental health online, Dr. John Grohol, “These kinds of studies often arrive at their findings by conducting language analysis on tiny bits of text.” This experiment used one of few tools available at the time, the LIWC, to process texts on social media. A quick history course on the LIWC, it was developed back in 1993, and its main purpose was to analyze much larger bodies of texts such...

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...that by doing so, it can just ruin your day.


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