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The forsaken, Thinmint, wanders through the Horde capital atop his massive blue drake, robes draped over his exposed, rotting bones, sneering as best as he can with no lips at any low-levels who give him a second glance. He waits to carry his allies through another encounter with Azeroth's finest foes by channeling divine energy to heal their wounds, but to feed his personal vendetta against the world of the living, not out of the goodness of his now useless heart. This is the character I have chosen to play through the highest content of World of Warcraft, but does he express my real world identity in this virtual space effectively? Learning by playing Thinmint through the game's content and researching my class and race, I have come to realize that the identity I project through my character draws from my personality in some interesting ways.
Thinmint is a member of the now lucid undead community and is practiced in the priestly arts. Being aligned holy as a main talent spec, he has healed countless groups of his Horde allies though battles against the Alliance and Illidan's, Arthas's, and Deathwing's armies, as well as against the various other bad guys World of Warcraft has to offer. He is not, however, entirely helpless on his own due to his now rarely used shadow off-spec. Shortly after the shattering of Azeroth, Thinmint replaced his Icecrown epic equipment with new rare and uncommon gear found in the newly opened lands and dungeons, working his way up to level 85 and into heroic dungeons. He has regularly worked on the enchanting profession, early on using it for making large amounts of money by disenchanting cheep greens on the auction house, but after the shattering he has been working on obtaining useful enchantment...

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... me realize that I can project more of my real world identity though him than I first expected. When playing the game, I hardly ever think about my character as a product of my choices, and that these choices reflect a personality that creates both who I am in the real world and the game. This probably makes me want to play this character more than, say, a female Gnome Paladin. Or maybe I'll just be prepared when I wake up with no skin in a crypt.

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