Essay on A Explanation Of History, Preamble, And Articles

Essay on A Explanation Of History, Preamble, And Articles

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Explanation of History, Preamble, and Articles
Sports Nation was founded in 2017 in response to America’s lack of success in the 2016 Rio Olympics. The United States of America had only won 46 out of the 307 gold medals awarded at the games, yielding a very disappointing success rate of 15 %. The founding fathers of Sports Nation, Gowtham Yerneni and Joshua George, were Americans at the time of the 2016 Olympics, and they were unsatisfied with America’s success rate. They believed the success rate for America should be no less than 99.99% at the Olympics. They were determined that, under their control, America could win more than 99.99% of Olympic medals.
However, after failing to take over America in the winter of 2016, Yerneni and George left the country to create their own sovereign nation on the hidden islands of Olympiana. Upon arrival on the islands of Olympiana, Yerneni and George advertised large paychecks for the best athletes in the world. Interested athletes had to meet with Yerneni and George on the islands; however, once the athletes would arrive, they were imprisoned on the island. Through this trickery, Yerneni and George lured some of the greatest athletes of all time such as Michael Phelps, Lebron James, and Usain Bolt.
Yerneni and George went on to establish a government and name their country Sports Nation. In order to ensure that Sports Nation won more than 99.99 % of gold medals, Yerneni and George enforced strict laws and liberties on their citizens. These laws and liberties focus on improving the performance of current athletes and maintaining the athletic excellence of future generations.
Irony in History, Preamble, and Articles
Sports Nation’s history, preamble, and articles contain an abundance of...

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...t reach bronze and have never even tasted victory in the first place. Then the fact that “Defeat means Death” alludes to another paradox since regular Olympians don’t compete with the feeling that their life is as stake. Also the anthem was supposed to represent their superiority over other athletes when in the end, they were the athletes that ended up being in the lowest tier there can be, which would be an example of situational irony. By not producing results to compensate for the anthem’s meaning, the song just ends up to be a mockery to its citizens. Connecting it back to the geography of Sports Nation, there is no point in having a Victory Island if nobody ends up winning gold medals so there is another example of situational irony. The exclusive privilege ends up being a waste because their nation was focused solely in sports and could not live up to its name.

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