A Drug Prevention Program For Teenagers Run By Mn Adult & Teen Challenge

A Drug Prevention Program For Teenagers Run By Mn Adult & Teen Challenge

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Know The Truth
Relate. Engage. Inform
A drug prevention program for teenagers run by Mn Adult & Teen Challenge.
Know the truth, program states that it is a non-religious substance abuse prevention program, targeted at both high school and middle school age children. The website claims that they present and conduct more than 1300 presentations in more than 160 high schools and middle schools. And speak to more than 55,000 students. They claim that in 2012-2013 87% of teens that they surveyed made a commitment to not use drugs in the future after hearing our presentation. They also claim straight from their website that, At the end of each quarter, 99% of all of our students rate their presentations as their favorite day of health, That Parents have contacted them to tell them how much the stories have impacted their children.
The parent website links you to the Know The Truth weblog pages that gives info to students and to educators, in the student area of the blog, it tells the student from the voice of an addict what it was like to be an addict and other choices they can make instead. On the educator’s page, the description of the program leads us to the ideas that the program is an interactive learning method that promotes awareness to the different dangers of use of drug and alcohol. The program is provided free of charge, and that it can be tailored to any school, or organization. The program says that they covers alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, date rape, depression and the use of steroids. The information they give in the educators section is that More than 62% of teens are using alcohol as a way of escape. As we just learned in class, that the state and national data contradicts this statement. The blog, has mu...

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...s worthy for the program. I do not find any analysis, or governmental backing to the program, so it does not address principle 16.
I have personal measurements of this program, I personally find backing that it reaches people with interactive testimonies, and conversation on the problems and risk effects of the use of alcohol and drugs. I do not think this is an effective tool or program to implement into a curriculum. More of a forum or part of a conference on the effects of drugs and alcohol. As I wrote this paper, other programs did come up that I would look more deeply into as an educator, such as the northland project, or the Hazelton prevention programs. I think there is worth in knowledge to research and reflect educationally wise on areas of topic that are not successful. In the analysis of facts and progress, one needs to read, and research all areas.

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