Essay on A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen: Rebellion for Interdependence

Essay on A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen: Rebellion for Interdependence

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There is not one child who has not rebelled against their parents in some way. Any little action can be seen as an act of rebellion; whether it is secretly buying a book from the Scholastic book fairs, talking on the phone late at night or purposely leaving the trash to pile up. In the play, A Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen presents the ideas of rebellion for indepen¬dence. The main character, a sweet and lovely housewife, name Nora Helmer is married to Torvald Helmer who has been promoted to a new banking position. Torvald expects her to be an obedient wife who will follow him wherever he walks and to stay by his side, no matter the situation. She had fallen in debt to Krogstad, a misunderstood lawyer and moneylender, because she tried to save Torvald when he became bedridden. She works hard to pay all the money back but she cannot live any longer without her husband discovering her secret. With the reoccurring use of pet names, macaroons, and symbolic actions, Ibsen gradually reveals Nora acting more independently than anyone thinks.
Torvald gives Nora seemingly harmless pet names but instead it deprives her of her character. There is irony in the connotation of the pet names since she does not feel special but rather an accessory of his reputation. Torvald calls Nora many different pet names such as skylark, squirrel, and song bird. Each animal has a symbolic meaning that shows evidence of Nora’s character. Instead of having a strong image of a wife and mother she looks and acts like a child.
Skylarks are pet birds who live their life in a cage much like Nora living in Torvald’s doll house. Skylarks, small brown birds, nest in various countries including Europe. Skylarks can be kept as pets that sing for the pleasure of its owner...

... middle of paper ... to devote themselves to their husbands. But she becomes a strong woman when she realizes that this is not life she wants to live and decides to leave. The act of eating macaroons in secret were the first tiny steps towards a rebellion. Nora is one of the few women who want to fight for independence. There are people who believe men are much stronger than women should be more open-minded. Women endure many hardships so they would not have to depend on men despite society’s expectations. Without women, men would be lost like a flower without a butterfly to spread its pollen to survive.

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