A Doll 's House By William Shakespeare Essay

A Doll 's House By William Shakespeare Essay

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At different points in time society has expectations for individuals of society. When these expectations are not met it is extremely out of the ordinary and seen as wrong. In the play, “A Doll’s House” most characters act outside of the expectations of society. Due to their actions, each character faces consequences for making decisions that are not in line with society’s expectations. Dr. Rank, Mrs. Linde, and Nora, all make ludicrous decisions that in turn come to change their lives.
Dr. Rank’s actions in the play are outside of the social norm and in fact have malicious intent. Throughout “A Doll’s House” Dr. Rank plays the role of a doctor that comes and visits the Helmers’ home and seems to be a good friend of Torvald. Later in Act 2, we see Dr. Rank’s real intentions of wanting to visit the Helmers’ so often: “RANK: You’re an even bigger tease than I’d thought. NORA: I’m full of wild ideas today” (Ibsen 221) Dr. Rank interacts with Nora on an unprecedented level in Act 2. Dr. Rank becomes quite intimate with Nora when they are talking in the household. This is out of societal...

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