A Doll 's House And The Glass Menagerie Essay

A Doll 's House And The Glass Menagerie Essay

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Even When It’s Not Sex, It Is
Oscar Wilde once said, “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” The content of this quote embodies A Doll’s House and The Glass Menagerie because of the sexual control in both the plays. A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen and The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee William, the characters, although from different time periods, face the hardships of sexual control through the men they admire. Nora is written as the naive protagonist of A Doll’s House, who embodies the themes of the novella as she matures throughout the play. Nora learns that her husband, Torvald, uses her as a doll for his own pleasure and does not truly care for her. In The Glass Menagerie, Laura, the main character, is also written as a naive character. Laura
wants to be perceived as normal but she believes that her disability holds her down, that is, until her crush from high school comes over for dinner. Both authors suggest that the abbhorant male characters, Torvald and Jim, are sexualy controlling of women. In the works, A Doll’s House and The Glass Menagerie, Ibsen and Williams use sexual control by the men Nora and Laura adore to exhibit that sex is power.
Ibsen demonstrates that Nora, being naive and childlike in the beginning of the play, is willing to do anything for Torvald; making his manipulation of her easier. When Torvald gets his new position at the bank Nora is very excited. Nora is thrilled that they can now have a hefty Chirstmas load of presents for themselves and their children. Nora says “we may be a wee bit more reckless now” (Doll act 1). This exemplifies how Nora is naive because she does not understand that they do not receive more money until after the New Year. She thinks that just b...

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...oll’s House and The Glass Menagerie share an emphasis on sexual control through their main characters. Nora is naive in the fact that she is unaware of the true hardships faced by adults in the Victorian Era. While Laura, who was from the Depression Era, was naive, in that; she is unaware of her social surroundings and separates herself from reality. Nora was never able to grow up as a child because she was married so early, thus Nora is very childlike, as a technical adult. On the other hand, Laura plays with glass and barricades herself inside away from society and the judgments from others that come with it. As a result of Nora and Laura being childish and naive they are easily able to be manipulated by Torvald and Jim. All that Torvald and Jim want is to achieve power over their conquests, whether at work or in a relationship, they ultimately achieved their goal.

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