Essay about A Disengaged Connection in Luigi Pirandello´s War

Essay about A Disengaged Connection in Luigi Pirandello´s War

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It is important to understand how different situations in life cause a variety of emotions that affect people in many ways. Quite often, the most influential situation in one’s life is one so catastrophic and life-changing. Because people typically are not to fond of change, they are stuck in the denial of their reality until they are forced to come to terms with it. In War, a short story by Luigi Pirandello, a group of people are forced to hear one another’s stories of their hardships derived from the war. Pirandello manipulated the tone of the story to transition from somber and disengaged to emotional and heartfelt in order to reflect the progression of the characters from denial into acceptance.
Moving through the stories of each character, the author uses a bland tone that results in an emotionally detached feeling for the reader. Coupled with a lack of specific names for the characters, the disengaged tone resulted in the reader lacking any emotional connection toward each character’s story. Quite similarly, the characters were aloof in their realization of how drastica...

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