Essay about A Discussion On The Protestant Reformation

Essay about A Discussion On The Protestant Reformation

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So Indulgent!
(A discussion on the Protestant Reformation)
The Roman Catholic Church was a vastly important component to European history, as well as being an extremely important and influential part of almost everyone 's lives. It gave the everyman something to strive for, something to make their lives better or make themselves better people. When a person was just so surrounded by The Church, it becomes a very important part of their life. Whether or not it was actually making the person better or not, the individual thought it was. As a result they would continue to listen to and follow The Church, the same could be said for most European citizens. The Church could also be credited to keeping most of Europe unified after the Western Roman Empire fell, with missionaries spreading the faith, a moderate sense of unity encompassed Europe. Of course that didn 't stop all conflict in Europe, however, it certainly did help. However, just like most things, The Roman Catholic Church was not all good. It was quite bad once you dig deeper into the institution actually. The Church itself had many hypocritical practices. Richer Christians could essentially buy their way to heaven through indulgences, as they were called. These indulgences were basically tickets that could be purchased from The Church to have their sins forgiven. Needless to say, eventually some more intellectual Christians noticed the corruption of The Church. Most notably, Martin Luther, the head of the Protestant Reformation. Martin did have reasonable experience with the Catholic Church, he served as monk for most of his early life. His faith was essentially his life, it was vital to who he was. His strong faith can be credited to give his movement success. Martin didn '...

... middle of paper ... of the rest of his people. The War of Religions was a win in the name of Protestantism.
The Protestant Reformation has three main events to thank for its success. Of course Martin Luther 's own work Ninety-five Theses blew the corruption of the church wide open, and was arguably the most important event of them all. Of course the Catholic Church 's reform addressed some of the issues that Martin exposed. However, militarizing the missionaries and including an inquisition was not helpful turning people back to Catholicism. Of course Henry Navarre waged and fought a war for the religious freedoms of the Huguenots, and in turn, Protestantism in general. Martin Luther was truly a spiritual damaged man, perhaps that 's why he was so passionate about the Church being pious. Maybe only those in the most pain can truly make a difference in deep rooted societal norms.

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