A Discussion of the Positive Message of the Human Spirit in Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet

A Discussion of the Positive Message of the Human Spirit in Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet

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Tragedy, something that happens everywhere. Right now there is a super typhoon about to hit the coasts of the Philippines and other neighboring countries. Even though this horrible atrocity is taking place in this world right now many good things will still come of this. Even though the big picture is a typhoon destroying everything many other things during these times will break through the sadness and kinder the dark souls of the people. Small things under the big picture, is what happiness and joy is. Romeo and Juliet died for each other even though some may argue that they didn’t even know each other at all. Even though the big picture is death the little picture is much greater. The positive messages about the human spirit that this play has to offer are the messages of pure love, true happiness, and breathtaking loyalty.

The first positive message about the human soul is the message of pure love. This is well shown in Act 2, scene 2, lines 58 and 59 when Juliet says to Romeo, “My ears have yet not drunk a hundred words of thy tongue's utterings, yet I know the sound.” Juliet here is talking about Romeo’s last name, which of course is Montague. However, she also has said in these lines that even though they haven’t talked at all she already knows he is a Montague and she doesn’t care. Juliet has shown that love at first sight is a true occurrence at those moments. Juliet has shown that even though they have barely known each other for maybe less than a couple of hours they are madly, and truly in love with each other no matter who they are.

The next positive message about the human spirit is that the human spirit even if full of very bad or sad memories can forget and be in a state of true happiness. This is easily and most clearly shown in Act 3, scene 1, lines 68 and 69 when Romeo is speaking to Tybalt and he says, “And so, good Capulet, which name I tender as dearly as mine own, be satisfied.” Romeo has said many things that Tybalt will not understand yet we understand that he has just been married to Juliet. She is a Capulet so Romeo now tenders his name like it is his own. Romeo has just married into the family and is now related to Tybalt.

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On regular circumstances Romeo might clash blades, or fight with Tybalt on the streets, but in this scene he is in a state of intense bliss. He is married now, to the girl of his dreams, and that night he will consummate his marriage with physical contact. Romeo instead of being aggressive shows his new relative that he is happy and content. One quick moment has just made Romeo into a happy peaceful man.

The last positive message about the human spirit is that even though the worst possible things happen people are still loyal to others. This is clearly shown in Act 5, scene 3, lines 169-170 when Juliet says, “O happy dagger! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die.” Juliet has just awakened to see Romeo, the love of her life dead. Instead of thinking she should leave go to her parents explain herself and liver her life to the fullest she takes Romeo’s knife and stabs herself. Romeo killed himself because he thought that she was dead. This shows complete and utter loyalty between the couple. Instead of having to live their lives separately they kill themselves to be together in the afterlife. They both disregard their parents to stay loyal to each other.
The tragedy within the story is awful and sad but underneath the tragedy there is the goodness of the human spirit. Very bad things may happen but the good of the human spirit will prevail with beautiful things and amazing actions. The world might be cruel, sad, and awful, but the human spirit will always prevail with wonderful love and happiness.
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