Essay about A Discussion of Same-Sex Marriage

Essay about A Discussion of Same-Sex Marriage

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The topic of same-sex marriage, or gay marriage, is extremely divisive in today's society. This paper will address some of the issues surrounding gay marriage. Many in favor of same-sex marriage suggest that gay couples should have the same marital benefits as heterosexual couples, which is simply a civil rights issue. In contrast, those against same-sex marriage see this concept as a moral matter, which violates traditional ethical standards. Since the beginning of time, most cultures have acknowledged marriage a unity between men and women. In addition, the concept of traditional marriages has been challenged in some states to allow same-sex marriage as well. In response to this movement, many states have passed marriage laws to forbid gay marriages. Hence, currently there are some states in favor of gay marriage and some states against gay marriage. Moreover, there are many ways to look at this issue such as personally, religiously, and politically.
According to this argument, there are people who say that same-sex marriage is a political matter, while other people view gay marriage as a violation of traditional values. Although traditional marriage has always been between a man and a woman, should marriage be available, no matter what gender?
In favor of Gay marriage
From a supporter’s perspective, same-sex marriage should be permissible for various reasons. The most important factor of gay marriage is about personal freedom. Even though gay couples usually face inequality, same-sex marriage should be about equality. The claim is to extend traditional marriage rights to gay marriage. If all people are created equal, all people should be able to marry whomever they want. This is the proposition the gay community are eager ...

... middle of paper ... viewpoint on the controversial topic of gay marriage.

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