A Disaster Recovery Plan ( Drp ) Essay

A Disaster Recovery Plan ( Drp ) Essay

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A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is planned to guarantee the continuation of important business processes in the event that a natural or man-made disaster occurs. A DRP will offer an effective system that can be used to recover all important business processes needed to maintain normal operations within an organization promptly. A DRP will allow any organization the ability to handle events surrounding any crisis that takes place.
ANBA Disaster Recovery Plan main objective
Regardless of your occupation or trade when a disaster occurs you must be prepared for it. For a bank this is very important for them to have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in place, because of the high demand for the services the bank provides as well as the amount of people and businesses that will be effected by a disaster. Every business or organization has some risk, and ANBA is no exception. ANBA must look at risks that are either natural or man-made disaster that may interrupt the banks everyday operation such as fires, flooding, earthquakes, and thefts that can cause a threat to the bank. ANBA having a disaster recovery plan in place is important, things that the bank need to consider is employee 's safety, communicating with employees, customers and stake holders. Keeping the bank operational until normal operations and preserving equipment, data and property has to be considered when creating the DRP. Every business has the risk that a natural or man-made disaster could disrupt normal operations and ultimately threaten the viability of the business. Fires, floods, earthquakes, thefts, and terrorism are all threats that should be considered (Disaster Recovery Plan for KCUA, 2015). ANBA objectives for their (DRP) are:
1. Employee’...

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...ations legal team have to vet the situation (Sharpe, 2015).
3. Create global policies for every physical and cloud location (Sharpe, 2015).
4. Make sure everyone understand the recovery time needed regardless of their location. Recovery teams and management need to know their recovery time requirements as well as their brother and sister sites across the globe (Sharpe, 2015).
Disasters rather natural or man-made are inevitable and unpredictable. A person never knows the severity until the end. The best strategies to have in place regardless of location is a DRP for that area and employees awareness of the DRP plan. In an enterprise any disaster that causes disruption will have an effect that can cause major revenue loss. To prevent major down time as well as a loss of revenue is to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place for all areas concerned.

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