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A Dinner Table with Berry
In the article, “The Pleasure of Eating” by Wendell Berry, Berry was right about the fact that there should be a “Food Politics”. This article talks about “eating responsibly” and “eating agriculturally”. If you haven’t heard of these terms, they vary in Berry’s article. So “Eating responsibly” and “Eating agriculturally” basically means that everyone is expected to see and know about what they are eating. Nonetheless, not all fruits and vegetables are healthy. You might need to spend some time to take a look at the brand, price, and the facts about the products. Imagine, if Berry came to your dinner table? How do you get or purchase your food? What will you serve him? If Berry were to show up to my dinner, the best foods to serve him would be anything that is clean and healthy. According to Berry’s article, Berry has made a life choice to eat responsibly and agriculturally. Here are some great places to purchase your food: Trader Joe 's and Whole Foods, because these grocery stores contain a variety of organic products.
To follow Berry’s advice at the dinner table, shopping is one of the most important steps. Berry says that “people what they want—or what they have been persuaded to want—within the limits of what they can get. They pay, mostly without protest, what they are charged (Berry 37).” That is because most shoppers are in a rush and don’t have time to analyze the product. Also, some people don’t have enough money in their pockets, so they just choose a random product without thinking that healthy food choices keep you healthy. When people don’t consider food choices, they end up having illnesses. “They mostly ignore certain critical questions about the quality and the cost of what they are sold:...

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...th the right foods, we must know that we have taken good effort to understand what foods we purchase and eat.
As a result, the best ways to serve Berry is with foods that are fresh and healthy. If I serve him food following the advice in his article, he will appreciate and enjoy the experience. He will also most likely sit longer with me at the dinner table to talk. As can be seen from his article, Berry is very knowledgeable and aware of what he is consuming. The reason he wrote this article is to warn us from eating from old habits. As a matter of fact, Berry argues that if you have already been “eating responsibly” or and “eating agriculturally”, then you will definitely have a greater chance of a longer life, and better living conditions.. Therefore, “The Pleasure of Eating” is considered to be one of the best things we can do to live longer, healthier lives.

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