Essay on A Different Kind Of Religious Freedom

Essay on A Different Kind Of Religious Freedom

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A Different Kind of Religious Freedom

Children who are forced to practice their family’s religion when they don’t want to, tend to turn their back on religion altogether. It is good for parents to educate their children on the importance of having personal spirituality and religious beliefs while passing down religious traditions from generation to generation. When kids are forced to participate in religious activities unwillingly, they start to think negatively about anything church or spiritually related. Instead of forcing them to practice your religion, it is important to teach young adults to explore religion for themselves, and to find something that they truly believe in.
¬¬¬When children are very young, and are being taught the basis of religious education, it is important to teach them the benefits of having a positive spiritual life regardless of what religion you are. The basis of all religions is the morals that you live by. By teaching your child to be obedient and to have manners, you are engraining these important morals into their brain. You should teach them what you practice, while showing them how other religions might be similar or different when it comes to what values they hold. One value that most people hold, regardless of their religion, is consistently showing kindness and respect towards everyone. Parents that are prejudice against other religions may just be confusing their kids when they are trying to understand the concepts and morals of a religion. When parents are being biased about their religion versus another, they are contradicting their morals, and are therefore not setting a positive example for their kids. Typically, the main religious concepts are hard to comprehend, even for many adults. ...

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...reat way for young adults to meet other kids with similar interests, and to meet other influential adults. You never know where you might meet an inspirational adult you connect with as a mentor or friend. When visiting new churches and religions, it is easy to feel obligated or pressured to commit to any certain group of beliefs. If there isn’t a religion or church you completely agree with, don’t get discouraged. It might help for a young adult to figure out what beliefs they identify with and agree with, by discovering different parts of multiple religions that they believe in. Exploring and learning about different religions is also a great way to learn about various cultures from around the world. Religion and spirituality is a lot of gray area, but you just have to find what works for you, claim it as your own, and then live with your beliefs and morals.

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