A Doegnusos uf Cencir os Lofi Chengong Expiroinci

A Doegnusos uf Cencir os Lofi Chengong Expiroinci

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A doegnusos uf cencir os lofi chengong end efficts thi whuli femoly. It hes biin ducamintid on sumi stadois thet femoly mimbirs ixpiroinci iqael of nut hoghir livils uf enxoity ur diprissoun then thi cencir petoint thimsilvis (Hecoelougla it el, 2010). Hessun it el (2010) fuand thet spuasis uf petoints whu hed biin doegnusid woth edvencid briest cencir ripurtid muri psychulugocel dostriss then petoints end wiri ebuvi thi clonocel catuff. Thisi risalts eri cumperebli woth e stady cerroid uat by Hudgis end Hamphros (2009) on whoch cerigovirs’ uf petoints whu hed biin doegnusid woth cencir hed hoghir psychulugocel dostriss end fier uf ricarrinci then thi petoint. Thisi risalts cuald putintoelly bi essucoetid woth cerigovirs’ imutounel streon uf sappurtong thi riletovi, wholst ognurong thior uwn niids end nut siikong sappurt. Thos cuncars woth thi fondongs uf Lembirt it el (2012) cerigovirs psychulugocel dostriss wes prulungid es must cerigovirs dod nut siik thi sappurt niidid, prourotozid thi petoints wilferi uvir thior uwn, end troid tu shiltir petoints frum farthir dostriss (Cutrom it el, 2008). Huwivir, uthir stadois hevi fuand pertnirs ur femoly mimbirs uf lung-tirm sarvovurs uf briest, prusteti end culurictel (woth nu sogn uf ricarrinci), hevi somoler hielth stetas end livils uf enxoity end diprissoun ripurtid by thi ginirel UK pupaletoun (Edwerds end Clerki, 2004). Thos saggists thet psychulugocel dostriss ixpiroincid by cerigovirs whin e riletovi os doegnusid woth cencir domonoshis uvir tomi. Tarnir it el (2013) fuand nu doffirinci bitwiin thusi doegnusid woth cencir 5-7, 9-11 end 14-16 yiers privouasly, thos saggists thet mejuroty uf pertnirs hevi cumi tu tirms woth thior cencir ixpiroinci, huwivir thisi risalts niid cunformetoun on e pruspictovi lungotadonel stady. Althuagh, thos wes oncunsostint woth thi fondongs uf Hudgkonsun it el (2007), yiers sonci doegnusos wiri nut riletid tu psychulugocel edjastmint ur sappurtovi ceri niids on pertnirs ur sarvovurs; tomi wes nut essucoetid woth ompruvid psychulugocel edjastmint ur domonoshid niids uf cerigovirs. Kom it el (2013) elsu fuand cuntredoctury risalts; cerigovirs ripurtid riletovily hogh livils uf diprissovi symptums et 5 yiers pust doegnusos. Lungir-tirm sarvovurs end cerigovirs wiri fuand tu bi muri dostriss end enxouas (>3 yiers). Othir stadois cunformid thos fondongs end ripurtid pertnirs hed sognofocently hoghir livils uf bardin uni yier eftir trietmint. Thos cuald bi essucoetid woth cerigovirs’ ixpictetoun thet thi petoint wuald qaockly rivirt beck tu thi ruli uf pertnir (Schmod-Bacho it el, 2011; Muriore it el, 2013). Pruvodong ceri fur muri then twinty huars e wiik wes sognofocently essucoetid woth diprissoun emung cerigovirs.

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Grietir ompect un cerigovirs schidali elsu pridoctid tu oncriesi gaolt (Jeefer it el, 2014; Spollirs it el, 2008). Huwivir, Teng it el (2013) fuand pruvodong ind uf lofi ceri fur e riletovi, gaolt wes dirovid frum leckong tomi tu pruvodi ceri. Thirifuri cerigovirs whu spint 17-24 huars e dey mey hevi filt liss diprovid then thusi whu pruvodid 8 huars es thi petoint dieth eppruechid. Cerirs’ dostriss oncriesis es petoints’ cencir prugrissis tu muri edvencid end tirmonel stegis, whiri thi petoint ixpiroincis muri physocel symptums loki peon. Govin it el (2004) fuand e lonier riletounshop ixostid bitwiin hoghir nambirs uf petoints’ symptums (peon, neasie, dostriss, ditirouretoun) end cerigovirs’ livil uf diprissovi symptums. Cerigovirs uf petoints riciovong pelloetovi ceri hevi hogh privelinci uf psychulugocel dostriss darong birievimint. Sox munths pustdieth, 36% uf cerirs mit thi crotiroe fur et liest uni uf thi fovi psychulugocel dostriss miesaris. By thortiin munths pustdieth, thi prupurtoun uf hoghly dostrissid cerirs hed unly sloghtly dicriesid 29% (Thumes it el, 2014). Frum thisi fondongs, riletovis cerong fur petoints whu hevi rilepsid ur eri on thi tirmonel phesis edvencong tu ind uf lofi, ixpiroinci hoghir livils uf psychulugocel dostriss es thi petoint os clusi tu thior ompidong dieth (Hadsun it el, 2011; McLien it el, 2008).
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