A Description of My Room: The Comfortable Chill Room

A Description of My Room: The Comfortable Chill Room

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My room is what everyone calls “The Chill Room”. In this room there are all kinds of items that been collected throughout the years. There are several black lights, posters, and a bumping stereo. And even though my room is small it easily holds everything to make it comfortable and chill.
At night the black lights engulf the whole ceiling with light. The light includes a tinge of blue which emitted by one of the black lights. This light is a 42 inch double fixture which was painted fluorescent blue. The light from the two tubes hits the blue coloring, giving the blue to everything in the room. The other black light has an all black fixture that emits no color except the color it all ready produces and measured the same as the other black light (42”). There are few items in this room that are black light sensitive; from posters to glass material the room has many highlight glowing. The black light gives a lot of character to the room in the sense of whoever enters the room, suddenly changes color. Clothes go from white to light purple and the color of the clothes sometimes changes. Different lighting effects are also used to help give the room more of a relaxing and chill environment. A small light covered in blue plastic wrap sit in place inside my closet. This light is bright enough only to light just the closet, yet it does not impede on the acquired blue tinge. A dark blue lava lamp which is on day and night is placed near my television, which also gives the room a unique look to it.

A large variety of posters fill every wall that represents few interests. The majority of the posters consist of ICP (Insane Clown Posse). These posters were collected through the internet, and some were given by friends. Anyone who walks into the room can tell what type of music is preferred by looking at some the posters on the walls. Such artists as SPM (South Park Mexicans) from Huston, Tx. the whole crew from Metallica, and an almost life size picture of a pit-bull, it all gives the room a nice touch of style. You can see a few pictures of cars on the walls: Ferraris, BMW, racing cars and customized cars.
Last but not least the stereo system. This SONY three disk CD player is capable of producing 500watts of sound.

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This powerhouse is channeled to four separate speakers, all providing the most perfect surround sound for the room. The two main speakers each consist of an eight inch speaker, and two other internal tweeters. The other two speakers are four inches in diameter, and provide a nice midrange of sound. Which gives it its smooth and relaxing feeling where to the reader would not want to leave the room.
The “Chill Room” is like the author’s haven. Everything he could need and want to have a relaxing everyday life is in it. Many have complimented him for the lighting effects, and for the choice of posters. Later in the future there awaits the day when there would be a new house and there the new chill room will be more than twice as large as it is now. Who knows what will happen to this chill room...
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