Essay on A Democratic Government: Of the People, by the People, for the People

Essay on A Democratic Government: Of the People, by the People, for the People

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The right to vote is one of the key aspects that sets us apart from countries like North Korea where one person’s opinion is law. Even with ability to vote, there are the people that count the votes and the people who announce the outcomes to our society. Without these people, it would be hard to determine who runs our society even after we voted. For example, if CNN reported that John Smith won the election and everybody agreed that he won it, would it even make a difference who did? In that sense, it wouldn’t matter who really won the election, but rather who won the public opinion. Similar to 1984 by George Orwell, the people who control public opinion and the media control everything. For example, in the case of NBA vs. Donald Sterling it doesn’t matter the legality of the situation or the outcomes. The question, as David Davenport (see citation) clearly states, is whether it’s a court of public opinion or of law. In the end, it doesn’t matter. If public opinion locks in a certain idea or ideal, court cases can be overthrown and rules twisted to make it seem as that a circle block can go into a square hole. Combining these two elements, anything can be made reality.
The least important part of government is the party system. The party system is built on the extremes of public opinion, which as described above, can be changed. It doesn’t matter with whom you side as long as they share the same opinions. A recent example of this extremism is both parties disagreeing with each other so much as to not pass a national budget on time causing a national shutdown. The issue is that people are more focused on certain issues than others. For example, my mother is a teacher and calls for community involvement to solve educ...

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...ress is put on the “politics” of it all and pushed on to the actual issues at hand. Just like in the case of NBA vs. Donald Sterling, people have to unify that ideas of public opinion and what the law actually is to make the government more efficient. We can’t have somebody needing to force his opinion in order to be heard. By listening to both sides of the story and analyzing situations complexly, we can derive a solution for the issues that are pressuring society. This is democracy, this is government.

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