"A Delusion of Satan": Great Insight Into the Past Essay

"A Delusion of Satan": Great Insight Into the Past Essay

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A Delusion of Satan was written in 1995 by Frances Hill, and published by Da Capo Press. Frances Hill, an accomplished writer and journalist from London, has been writing for a decent period of time. Aside from publishing two novels, Hill has written fiction reviews for The Time (London) and has worked as a reporter in in both New York and London. With such an accomplished journalist, reporter, and writer, we are due to receive a good read in A Delusion of Satan.
Set in the Colonial American village of Salem in Massachusetts around the year of 1692, A Delusion of Satan opens by describing, in depth, the puritan lifestyle. Ranging from the social aspects, to the religious aspects, to the political aspects of puritan living, Frances Hill leaves no stone unturned in giving the most accurate and relatable descriptions of the topics at hand before diving into the trials themselves. I particularly enjoy the depth of description that Hill provides when giving you the background information such as the puritan lifestyle; without setting a strong foundation, certain things may not make sense further into the book.
After an introduction to the common puritan lifestyle, Hill wastes no time diving into the conflict: the “bewitched” young girls Betty Paris, Abigail Williams (cousins), and Ann Putnam (a neighbor of Betty Paris and Abigail Williams). The girls began acting strangely and far out of accordance with the puritan lifestyle. According to the book, Betty and Abigail “dabbled in fortunetelling to relieve the boredom of the parsonage.” Due to the fact that Betty and Abigail were living in the parsonage under the care of pastor Samuel Parris, many found it highly unlikely that these actions were performed under their own wills, ...

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...n-day court system ensures that the most basic human rights are given and that there must be enough evidence to support the accusation. Two thumbs up, all the way.

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